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Oculus pairing issue- no resolution

Level 2

Purchased oculus in December. In august began to see horizontal lines on the screen of the device. Troubleshooted and oculus support determined I needed to return oculus headset and they set me a refurbished one. It would not pair with my oculus account on mobile device. Again, troubleshooted and was told to send back and finally received another refurbished device one month later after having sent my original one back. This one also will not pair to my oculus account on my mobile device or any other oculus account. All that oculus support has offered so far is a $30 credit and to create a tag for the engineering department to let me know when this issue is resolved. I’ve requested my original oculus back since it was at least working but had horizontal lines in the screen! I warn you not to return a device that you have that is working. This is unacceptable customer service and for a product that costs as much as it does, they should have a resolution and make it right for their customers. There is no number to call or speak to anyone. I’m waiting on an email which is probably going to ask me the same repetitive questions like have you tried reinstalling the oculus app, factory reset, etc. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!