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Oculus plays music when i activate Link

Level 2

When i turn on Oculus link, random music keeps playing and theres no way to shut it off. It plays while im in game as well and plays on an endless loop. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled everything multiple times, restarted everything even more times, been on every forum page and been through every settings menu. SOMEBODY HELP BEFORE I DESTROY THIS THING


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there thanks for bringing this to the community! We understand how inconveniencing this is to you. Let's do some troubleshooting to solve this so that you can get back to enjoying your Oculus experience. Try the recommendation below and if it doesn't help please submit a support ticket here and kindly include all the troubleshooting steps that you have taken. 


Load up Oculus Home, hit the menu button (on the left controller). That will call up a menu with the several options, including Inventory and Notifications. Preferences is right below Notifications. Select it. Next, select "audio" from the menu that appeared. See where it says "background music" with a bar next to it? Lower that bar (which is volume) until it's zeroed out.