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Oculus, please just respond and RMA my headset.

Level 2
Oculus I am beyond disappointed. Firstly you shipped an astounding number of quest 2 headsets with fan problems, mine included, and now after being told to wait for “24 to 36 hours” for an RMA I’m having to post this on any social media I can to try to get your attention. It’s been 6 DAYS. I sent a video of the problem, I sent you all my personal information, I sent you the invoice number from when I bought it, and nothing. I’ve been posting in the ticket daily to try to get anybody to help me, but silence. Please for the love of everything can you do your job as support and process my ticket. I want to like the quest 2 but you guys are making me just want to send it back and chargeback my credit card.

Level 4
My headset broke after like 1h of play ( I get the Arrow+green loading bar boot loop that people were having on the quest 1). Now I have to wait 72 to 96 hours for them to respond to me... 

Chuckles did you ever get your system back ?