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Oculus quest 2 left controller drift

Level 2

Secondly my oculus controller has started either completely stop moving or be really finicky when I tilt my controller to the left. Nothing I've tried has worked and I don't want to have to buy a new one unless there's nothing I can do about this. Anyone know how to fix this?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for sharing what's been going on, we'd love to give a helping hand in this and get you back to more VR gaming.


We can try a few things in an attempt to fix this, take a look:


- Clean your controllers with a thin cloth.

- Remove the batteries for at least 30 seconds before attempting to use them again.
- Try to unpair and pair your controllers, check here 👉🏻Pairing and unpairing Touch controllers to your headset | Meta Store (


Keep us posted on any changes you may have to your issue and we can provide further help if needed!

Controller drift (if that's what you are describing - ignore this if you aren't talking about the joysticks) is extremely common. The controllers were built with poor quality carbon-tracked potentiometers that cannot stand up to hard use. If it's under warranty, get a return.


If it's not covered, liberal application of spray contact cleaner can help for a bit but the best solution is to disassemble the offending controller and replace the faulty joystick module. No soldering required. There are lots of other AliExpress sellers and I think they are available on Amazon US, albeit for a higher price.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello again, Darlene! We are checking up to see if you still need help with your controller's drifting. If you do, just reply back to us here and we'll get back to work on this!