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Oculus quest 2 steamvr knuckles issues

Level 2

Recently got index controllers to pair with my linked quest 2, but for whatever reason steamvr always wants to use my touch controllers, even if the knuckles are paired and tracked, and the touch controllers don't even have batteries.

any ideas how to fix this?


Level 2

For more context, I remove the batteries before even starting the quest 2, and hide them from view, using hand tracking to get to oculus link

from there I start steamvr and turn the knuckles on 

I know for a fact the touch controllers are not tracking or paired, because the oculus link overlay complains about no controllers detected 

and yet they appear in steamvr as a transparent model, and the knuckles don't do anything
Maybe This will help you out.

Do you also have base stations, so you can track the controllers?

Yes, I have three base stations, all set up properly and tracking, with two watchman dongles for the controllers