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Oculus rift S "Oculus software restart required."

Level 2
Hi all, I have got my rift S a couple of days ago and I had to deal with many problems, which I could handle. 
This issue is one I have not been able to resolve.
When I go to the devices section and click my rift s, it says that it needs to have a software restart. When I click on the restart option and go back to the devices menu, it says the same thing. I tried turning my computer on and off, reconnecting the wires and completely reinstalling the software, of which none worked.
Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? Is there a fix for it? Thanks.

Level 2
у меня такая же проблема

Level 2
did you try unplug the usb cable and then reconnect it?

Level 2
only solution is to unplug usb and dp then plug in usb, wait 5 seconds then dp. itll damage your conenctors eventually. Thanks F and oculus.