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Oculus rift no headset detected

Level 2

I've had this headset for a couple years now, around one year ago Oculus would not detect the hdmi or the usb no matter what I did or what cord i removed and plugged back in, however I could still see the orange light on the inside of the headset. (before you say anything yes I know you can unplug the hdmi from the headset) and then sometimes if i left it for anywhere between a week and a couple months it would randomly start working again, tried it today and this time, for the first time it disconnected mid game and now nothing I do will fix it. I've restarted, reinstalled, updated and so far nothing is working. I've tried everything from the first five pages of google results and im at my wits end. I'd appreciate a fix before I rip the rest of my hair out from this ongoing issue.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey, thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot this issue on your own, I can definitely understand how frustrating it must be. We'd be happy to help you out with this, can you please click here to submit a ticket and include your Oculus Diagnostics Logs? Thanks!

Level 8

Seems like a broken cable. USB is ok (orange light), but HDMI is not ok.

Could you plug any other hardware into hdmi? If it works then video card port and settings are ok. Is there only 1 hdmi port on video card?

Also try to see (and photo) hdmi cable pins. They could bend.