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Oculus runtime hijacking steam games

I own both Elite Dangerous and SWSquadrons on steam.  Have been playing them with no problems for a while.  Installed Oculus app with my new headset and it claimed ownership of both games and will not allow me to run them in the Steam space, only in Oculus space.  The strange thing is that for Elite I still have to run SteamVR, but go back to the Oculus once the game runs.  On steam all it says is "Up Next."  Turns out it's running on Oculus. 


This whole Oculus vs. Steam nonsense is the kind of thing I had hoped this industry left in the trashcan of the 80s.  The Oculus crawling our machines and reporting unknown data constantly is a real problem, but crawling our machines and stealing games?  No. 


Also strange; not knowing any better I purchased Blade and Sorcery for both Steam and Oculus.  They write their saves and configs to the same directory!!! I can tell when I am running the Steam version because vortex mods work.  When this game throws an error I have to blow away the save folder in 'my games.'  It's a good thing that this is just a sandbox demo.