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Oculus software

Level 3

Why is the oculus software and link so terrible for such a big known company in the vr community. My experience is so bad so far that it’s making me want to sell the whole thing. And my dumbass went ahead and spent all this money on the steam vr games thinking it would be a good purchase. Welp I was so wrong fix your **bleep** oculus 


It's fine, and even excellent, for a lot of people. Maybe your expectations are too high, maybe your PC hardware isn't quite good enough or maybe you have a fault that someone else has come across and fixed. Post your full specs and a description of the problem you are having and maybe we can help to sort it out.


Or, you know, just yell into the void until things sort themselves out.

It’s definitely not my pc and I am far from the only one saying this, the oculus software is the problem I have all the latest drivers installed and it works when it feels like it, 2070 super i7 10700k 16 Gb of ddr4 ram 1 tb external 500 Gb ssd. Oculus barley connects to my phone let alone the computer oculus software, everything is updated tried playing it when I made that post tried to get it working for 2 hrs nothing, log in once last night and worked perfectly fine all of a sudden, it’s always doing this. 

Hey, Topazzz!


We definitely want you to be able to experience VR without any type of hiccups occurring. If you wouldn't mind, please submit a support ticket here: stating your exact issue. Provide your device details and any troubleshooting steps you have taken. We'll help you out to the best of our abilities and make sure you are well taken care of!

It's definitely not you. Many others are experiencing the same. It's account and software  related. I have been without my library for two months now. I've been an early adopter since 2016 so I am beyond upset as I've seen this before but it's usually solved within a day or two in years past. Same issues as 4 years ago. Support can't do anymore as they aren't engineers. I get the scripted responses and it appears they don't even read what the issue is.  It looks like Meta is quickly becoming one of the most disliked and distrusted companies on Earth. Almost painful to see the decline.  Where are my 1300 purchases Meta ?

Level 15

@Topazzz  All works fine with my Q2/rtx3090 with Link and Air Link (my preferred way to play).  I also have a Vive Pro and it also works fine with SteamVR. 


Unfortunately no PCVR apps are plug-and-play.   The Q2 standalone mobile VR probably comes closest.  Once you get into PCVR there are a lot more factors you need to iron out.  If you cannot do this after some Google research then I suggest you contact Oculus Support.  Maybe they can review you logfiles and identify potential fixes.  Ranting and **bleeping** on an owner forum like this one is not very productive imho.  Maybe it makes you feel better to vent but trust me, you'll feel much better once you sort out your issues.  Good luck mate and cheers.


9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro

I sold it already I’d rather spend the extra money to have a enjoyable experience with a valve index  

Still, at least you didn't waste your money on Oculus store games. SteamVR is a lot more portable between headsets.


Level 4

Software is decent when it works, but if you're a Windows 11 users, then you're bang out of luck.....Can't even access my games at all, or use air link.



Level 13

Why are users so dumb?


Oh look another 'LINK IS BROKEN AND I AM GOING TO GET RID OF MY QUEST 2" thread.  


The reality is AS MUCH AS I HATE FACEBOOK, the quest 2 is A HUGE HOME RUN.


To do what the quest 2 can from technology perspective you have to pay vive over 1500 for the wireless package and thats without buying a computer.


at 399 the quest 2 is the easiest sell in the vr market. If your computer can't run link/airlink that is on you for not setting it up for success.