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Oculus support for people with one eye vision.

Level 2

I just got an Oculus from one of my friend as a gift to support my indie game development so that i can develop games for VR. I set up everything and when I tested the oculus with a demo game I find its too blurred for me just like looking via a poor glass. I only have vision in left eye and vision in my right eye is completely gone immediately after my birth. I gave the oculus to some of my friends and they could actually enjoy the oculus but I couldn't. I think its because oculus is build for people with normal eyes. Note that I have normal vision in my left eye but just my right eye dont have vision. Does any other oculus users have told about this issue? will there be something done for it? I am really excited about where VR is going but it makes me sad when i can't enjoy a game I developed with VR  :disappointed:


Level 16
Not sure where this is going, but political discussion is not allowed on the forum. Thanks.
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Level 2
I too only see with one eye (left). I was sceptical about VR due to this, but I am having 0 problems. None at all, I just had to adjust the headset properly.