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Official Link Cable Not Detected by App

Hello everyone. I am frustrated trying to figure out why the Oculus Link official cable, which I just bought, will not be detected by my Oculus App on PC, thus rendering me unable to use Oculus Link. The connection is detected by my computer, which I can check in the lower right corner by the prompt "Eject Quest 2." On the Quest 2 itself, I get a message asking me whether or not I would like to allow the computer to access files on the Oculus. I click allow. Still, the headset connection or USB C connection period is not working at all. I have tried other USB C cables on both USB C ports on my computer and they work fine, so the ports are not the problem. I have tried updating my motherboard drivers, graphics card drivers, and chipset drivers, I have a Msi MPEG Z490 Motherboard, a RTX 3070 Graphics Card, and Intel i9 108050K as a processor. My computer is well above the minimum specs required to use oculus Link, and I was able to actually use Oculus link using a random 2 foot USB C to A cable I had lying around. So it seems to me the only conclusion I have to draw from this is I just spent nearly 100$ on a defective cable. Can anyone confirm is this definitively means my cable is defective, or is there a technical fix that I am missing?