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Official link cable only charges but no PCVR.

Level 2

Is my link cable defective?


Did all the usual troubleshooting, restart device and PC, disconnect/reconnect cables, update drivers/GPU/windows/device manager. Even went as far as creating a developer account. My link cable still doesn't ask me to allow access to my PC. I took my charging cable that came with the headset and used that instead and it asked for permission. It's weird because the link cable still charges the HMD but with no prompt to allow access.


With the headset on I'll disconnect/reconnect and confirm the battery icon switching. Anyone have a clue? and can we get a replacement for the official link cable, which btw looks still in good condition?


If it works with the in-box cable it does sound like a defective Link cable.

Hey there! We'd love to look into this with you and get Link working on your headset. Please PM us or send in a support ticket HERE. Thanks!