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One sided audio on Q2

Level 2

Picked up the Quest 2 with the Elite strap today, switched on the ES and put on the headset. Immediately noticed the sound coming only from the right side, left side compeletely mute. Plugging in my own headphones works fine, so the problem is with the built-ins. I tried rebooting it many times, sometimes getting the left side to play sound for a while before crackling and going mute again. Recharging and factory resetting didnt help. Tried with the original strap and tried playing with the position of the knobs that have the built-in speakers but no help.


I didnt really find any solutions or fixes to this and only a few posts about the problem and none of them commented how it solved. To me it sounds like a hardware fault so Im thinking of returning them to the store tomorrow, but wanted to ask for a possible reason/fix/something before that here. 


Thanks !


Level 2

Did you ever get this resolved? Same issue with our Quest 2 except using the original strap. Sound only from the right side

Hey there! We understand you are having an issue with audio loss in your device, and we would love to try and help! Follow the link we will provide below in order to submit a support ticket with us so we can review this issue further. (

Oh yeah I forgot to update here that the problem went away.  What eventually fixed it, that I'm not sure of. I took off the strap multiple times and bent the speaker flaps gently every way, factory reseted it multiple times and charged it completely full. After a few times of doing all of these the audio started working fine. My bet is on some loose wire/connection inside which got fixed by bending and rotating the flaps enough times.