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Only SteamVR game that works is Pavlov

Level 2

Does anyone know why the ONLY game that runs perfect fine with absolutely no lag or jittering is Pavlov. And it’s not like it’s because I’m using SteamVR because that’s what Pavlov is on. Boneworks, Beatsaber, Superhot, and all my other VR games don’t work. They launch run laggy for a minute the led goes orange and steamVR says the display cord disconnected but when I check the oculus app it says that the cord is fine and the two controllers disconnected. Then I restart the oculus app and that fixes everything but I have to close the game and restart it and the cycle continues. I am playing on the oculus rift s if that matters.


Level 13

PC specs?


Latest Oculus Home, latest SteamVR?  Latest GPU driver?

Intel Core i7, 16GB of ram, GPU is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER.  I have the latest Oculus home, steamVR, and latest GPU driver.