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Onward will not load while in PCVR

Level 2

I recently purchased a PC just to play Onward on PCVR. When I try and play Onward, it just brings up the icon and says "loading". I have tried this with the link cable and airlink. Other games work fine, just having a problem with this one. Oculus tech support was an absolute waste of time and the Downpour tech support is not sure what to do either. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the game as well as the oculus app several times. 

Not sure where to go from here....Any help would be appreciated.


-I7 10th gen, RTX 3070, 2.5TB SSD, 16GB RAM


Level 4

Hello there,  big onward fan since the early days, have no issues playing it on quest you launch the game in oculus VR mode? Well i first ask did you buy the game on steam or on the oculus PC app?


Cause I bought it on steam and when I launch it I can select steam VR which basically run like dog poop like its always the case...but the oculuc VR mode is flawless...