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OpenSource VR

Level 2
Hello !

I've been wondering : Is there any plan to one day open the sources? Some very promising projects could benefit (and you too) to some cross-softwarening and engineering such as OSVR, wich you must know by now is a very interesting project to make work every VR headsets under one sources/plugin, avoiding redunding multiple-content sources for every and each vr headset in one game, so they can work under only one game engine plugin?
I think that could be extremely promising.
Currently, OSVR can support the DK1 and DK2 (and maybe CV1?), the HDK (a linked open source VR headset, OSVR had been moslty made for it), and maybe the vive (not sure). And OSVR sources can make any of these headsets work on Vive VR developped game, OSVR plugin (of course - works with many game engines yet), but not on Oculus plugined games. It's the point.

: OSVR works with many headsets, and allow to play on vive-vr games, but not yet - due to some restrictions - on Oculus-vr games. Plan to make it work?

Best regards,