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Order not being sent, no contact and weird requests.

Level 2
So about 3 weeks ago i ordered one of the replacement facial interfaces since I get bad rashes from the standard one, leaving only my girlfriend able to play.

Now since I still hadn't recieved any tracking info after about 2 weeks, i opened a support ticket asking about the status of my order. Today, 1 week after opening the ticket, 3 weeks after placing my order, they answer me, saying they've reviewed my order, and has issues verifying my shipping address (whatever that means) and that i need to send in a picture of a government issued ID with my address on it.
Me being excited to get my replacement ASAP so I can get back to playing send them a picture of my Drivers license, along with an explanation that Swedish ID's and Drivers license does not state adress or region on them, and as far as I know, there is no Swedish ID I can get that states my address.

I swiftly got a response once again staing they need an ID with my address, which really pissed me off. So I explained once again, and also stated how ridicilous it is that I had to contact THEM, to find out that they needed more info from me, when i should've been contacted as soon as the order didn't go through, and then get told that my Drivers license isn't a valid way of identifying myself.

I was then told they need to Investigate further and need 3-5 more business days..... How hard is it to slap my adress on the package and just send it?!

I've bought loads of packages from the states in the past and never had issues like this. And my friend ordered a day before me.and got his without any issues.

Has anyone else here had similar issues? And how did it get resolved?