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Order processing/ billing times

Level 2
I placed an order for a Rift S on July 19th, and didn't hear anything about my order getting processed or charged until yesterday, when I decided to get a Quest instead. It says estimated delivery is the 10th of August but I want to know if I am not going to hear anything from the team for over a week again.

Level 7
You can try to talk to Oculus live one on one. They may be able to help you track it. (Keep in mind if you do, The Time zone difference and do it during the day for the United States) To find the Live chat, Go to support and go through the process like you would if putting in a support ticket, On the left of the support page you see contact us, click that, Click on that part that says request support ticket or something like that, Down at the very bottom of the page on the right side you will see a chat icon, Click on that, Little box pops up. Fill it out and just wait, Someone will answer you in a few minutes.