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Order status processing

Level 2

First of all, my apologies as this question has been asked a few times but no one seems to update their posts. 

I made an order on Saturday evening for the Oculus Rift S and it's been stuck on Processing since that evening. I submitted a ticket and got a fairly quick reply (I'm impressed) but within that reply it said that the order HAS been processed through their systems but nothing has been updated on order tracking. 

After reading a few forums with people having to wait weeks for their orders it's got me a little bit concerned.

So I was wondering if anyone has any information about how long it takes and what are the procedures in the processing stage. 

I will intend to keep updating this thread to reassure anyone in future with the same concerns. 

Thank you all. 

Level 2
It took me 3 weeks for processing but arrived in a week or so after it finally left from label created.

Level 2
Hi guys, 

I have found a retailer selling it band new at the same price with next day delivery. "John Lewis" if anyone else is interested. 

After 4 days of ordering with no change with processing. I've decided to go with the retailer. 

Thanks for your time

Level 2
Living in the world of next day delivery and consumerism on demand has ruined us, hahaa.
I too was getting impatient at my order being stuck on processing, but every other retailing listing for £100 more than the Oculus store really didn't feel worth the shorter wait times.
Many thanks for the heads up.