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PC Oculus Store issues, unable to download most past titles:

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For the past month I continue to have issues with downloading past titles. I have many great games I would like to play that state "Sorry we can't install ____ Please visit Oculus Support. I have done fresh installs, installed on a separate computer. Reset my network.  Nothing more I can do on my end. I also completed past support tickets submitting logs with no resolution. 


Anyone else going through this? I hope Meta updates the storefront and fixes these issues. Several hundred paid purchases since 2016 and most do not download. The storefront also has an issue where you are unable to download past titles (at least for me). It says get in text but no button to obtain, and no button on the actual page to purchase or download. Thank you. I am wondering if others are experiencing the same. I hate to make additional purchases and have them abandoned in the future with no ability to download. I will have to look towards other platforms if this isn't resolved. 

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Hi Ryan


I don't want to get distracted. Can we have an update on fixes. In particular Lone Echo

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Dropped a quick note to Ready-at-Dawn this morning pointing out Lone Echo has been unavailable for 10+ days, which is discouraging new customers to the franchise from buying and enjoying Lone Echo II as well as Lone Echo.  Maybe they can reach out and give Oculus some additional encouragement.


I figure I'll give it another 24 hours, and if the issue with Lone Echo isn't resolved, I'll request a refund for both Lone Echo and Lone Echo II and spend those holiday $$ on something else over on Steam. I expect I won't be alone in this decision.  Here's hoping Oculus gets Lone Echo fixed today.🤞

I have a few more days before I request a refund but don't blame you. 

Hi @Jesuile and everyone else! Yes, I had the weekend off but I kept trying to play certain games (looking at you Lone Echo) that wouldn't download, so it was full of sadness and disappointment.


I'll be checking in with the team today to see if I can get a status update for you all. If there's anything I can share, I'll let you know. I've seen some pretty long lists of games that were impacted but not a specific number. And I'll see if I can get them to prioritize Lone Echo, assuming that's possible.

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Read At Dawn devs are aware of the issue, there are a bunch of us talking about it on their Discord. They have been in contact with Oculus and can't do much about it, as it's an Oculus issue. Have to feel bad for the devs that Oculus is harming by failing to provide a reliable storefront.

Thank you Ryan

@Michlo wrote:

Agreed.  It is preposterous.  Pin a note on the top of the forum for goodness sake!  A thread marked resolved when it clearly isn't is insulting.


I really wish I could pin a reply to the top of the thread without marking a "solution". Or even set a status other than Solved. But that's not something the current board is capable of, but I'm digging into the settings to see if I can make something happen. So far, this is just the best solution to highlight specific admin posts so people can find them easily.

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Thanks Ryan, For keeping everyone up to date. As others have said, Lone Echo seems to be the one that they want prioritized, I realize there are also many other titles that you seem to be having this problem with, so any news on them as well would be much appreciated again thanks!

Level 3

Update! I was just able to download and install Lone Echo on my pc, I will update again after I try game play to see how it performs.

can confirm. lone echo is downloading now without error. 4/14 GB and counting. 🙂