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PC desktop unavailable with Oculus Link

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Hello VR friends,

I think that since I use Quest 2 with Oculus Link to my ASUS ROG SCAR 15 computer, the "computer key" from Rift universe desktop panel has never given other result to me that a great black panel !!!

If I understand all, I should get exactly the copy of my PC screen rather than a black panel ?

Are there any wrong setting on the PC or into Oculus Link App to explain my problem ??

Many thanks for your help. 😊


Level 15

@Anonymous  Just google Oculus virtual desktop block screen and you will find the solution.  Basically you need to go to your win10 display graphics settings and add your ovrservices64 then select power savings option then restart your pc.  I’m sure you’ll figure this out after looking at your google results.  Good luck mate and cheers.

9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro

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@TomCgcmfc  Thank for your help, but your suggestion was not the solution, even if I have learned how to choose the best behaviour in my PC/headset usage... 
After almost a month of laborious exchanges with Oculus support and giving tons of logs aso, I have realized that all suspicions given to me were always external to Oculus Link and  finally I take decision to competeky uninstall/reinstall Oculus link app and.... now all seems to work fine with native VR app as well as with steam/steamVR ones... 

I think to have severe app manual crash at the beginning of my Headset familiarization which have corrupted Oculus Link good working...

Hope this painful experience could  help others with the same case...