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PC lags while running the Oculus app and afterwards, making Air Link unusable. (Link Cable too)

Level 2



so I got the Quest 2 and whenever I start the AirLink and run SteamVR with it (I have all my games on steam so another option isn't possible at all!) everything works fine, I can even use my Index controllers and Vive Trackers without any problem, the only problem is, that the connection is not very good to say at least. I used the latency overlay to see if there are any connection issues but no, there are not. My PC is idling as well. (Specs down below). However, if the connection is once established, my PC starts to lag BAD! But it's not possible that my Hardware is the problem because I NEVER had any problem while using the Valve Index in 144Hz mode etc.

Does somebody had and fixed a similar problem? I already tried reinstalling and using a link cable but the outcome is always the same. It's literally unenjoyable to use the Quest 2 at this point....

Now and then there are short periods where it's working fine, but sooner or later it's always the same laggy mess....



PC Specs:


CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

RAM: 32GB of DDR4 3200MHz

Router: FRITZ!Box 7590


I use the 5GHz channel of my Wi-Fi and like I said the connection shouldn't be the problem, because my PC starts to lag even if it's idling and not using much resources at all. The SteamVR graph is also completely in red in 72Hz mode when the Index in 144Hz mode is running in green/sometimes a few yellow frames.