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PC restart with Oculus Rift S

Level 4

Hello guys i have a weird one for you all and i think i have found the reason now just finding how to fix.


So what is happening: 

Every day after i play a game can be any game my PC will restart, no warning nothing its like i selected restart from power option.  Now the odd bit, this will only happen ONCE soon as it has restarted it will not do it again till the next day.


So, i have taken my PC to two different independent PS repair shops both of which are very very good and they both have tried their hardest to make this issue happen, they have even stress tested my PC to try and make it restart and cause errors and both shops failed and both confirm that the parts are all fine and working perfectly.


I then started thinking what if its some thing i have plugged in as the only difference between the shops having my PC and me having it is the peripherals.


Soon as i got my PC back i plugged every thing back in apart from the Oculus rift s and guess what its now 3 weeks no restart, im to scared to plug the Oculus back in just in case it starts this issue all over again. 


I know people are going to ask for specs and also say about power supply but i have a beefy PSU thats only 2-3 years old which is how old all the parts are on my self built PC.





i99900k CPU

Corsair AXi 1600 W PSU



This PC is purely for gaming i never download from any place apart from official places like Steam, only things that change on the PC is windows updates, Oculus updates, GPU driver updates.


I also have been using Oculus Tray Tool which has also getting updates,  as when i first got this Oculus it never used to happen so has an update down the line caused this to happen?


I dont know what to try even if i plug it back in as im worried it will mess PC up again,  So anyone else experienced this or heard about this before? did they find a fix at all?


Many thanks in advanced guys.


Level 4

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