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PCVR via Oculus Quest 1 with Oculus Link cable

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In October 2020, I got a new computer.  The specs for it are shown below.   Shortly thereafter, I got my first Oculus Quest 1.  A few months ago, I decided to give PCVR a go and bought Half Life.  I have been trying off and on since then to get it to work properly.  I am going to outline everything I have tried and maybe someone here can help fill in the blanks on where I’m messing up.


After an exhaustive internet search, I found a good link that summarized a lot of information in one place, but it is over a year old.  But it was a good starting point.  This is the link:  This link has a lot of information that I found in several other sites.  To summarize the steps, I did:

I followed the YouTube linked and changed all my 3D settings as the video described.  I have attached pictures of my NVIDIA control panel in case the problem is there (three attached pictures).  I believe that I changed all the Debug Tool parameters: (1) Pixels Per Display Pixel Override = 0.93, Encode Resolution Width = 2913, and Encode Bitrate (Mbps) = 250.  The weird thing is the pixel per display pixel override changes back to 0 after some time and I am not sure the trigger. (there is an attached picture with my settings).


I do want to mention that I have an integrated graphics chip, which is why I do not have the display settings on my NVIDIA control panel.  I looked at a lot of sites and could not figure out how to get the display settings back.  If that is the source of my problems, I’ll try to retrieve it, but it only had resolution and refresh rate I think based on the YouTube video.


Now onto Oculus VR settings.  Next, I opened Oculus settings and followed the guide linked above (see attached Oculus Device Page).  When you click on the “Quest” the following page shows USB 3.0 is confirmed (see attached picture).  Then I followed the guide and disabled all the anti-aliasing options that it recommended (see attached picture).  Lastly, I did the USB test and did the attached picture.  It shows 1.1 gbps.

The cable I purchased is the official link cable.  When I first purchased it, it gave > 2 gbps.  Then a few months later I tried to setup PCVR again, I was getting 1.5-1.6.  Then last week I was getting red and it was around 600 mbps.  I just did it a few minutes ago and it was 1.1 gbps as shown in the attached picture.  So huge variability.  Not sure if that is normal or not so I’m just mentioning it for completeness.  I also want to mention in total I have only used the Oculus Link cable about 4 total hours since owning it.


To get the more obvious things out of the way, I am running Version 27 software on my Oculus Quest 1 and the Oculus Quest software on my PC after I opted into the Public Test Channel under the Beta tab under settings.  I have the latest drivers for my GTX 2080 Max Q as verified through GEFORCE experience.  If those screenshots are needed, I can get them.  I have updated Windows to the max possible except some optional things.  I believe those aspects are as good as I can make them.


Now for the SteamVR settings.  I believe I made them just like the link above described (see attached picture).  I have the resolution the closest to 1440×1600 (1444 x 1596) as I can get, which is 74%.  I turned off anti-aliasing as well.

The only other setting I do, when I can remember, is go into Task Manager and adjust the priority setting for OVRServer_x64.exe.  Some websites said “Very High” and others said “Realtime.”  Not sure how important that is.


When I started this endeavor a few months ago, the video and audio both were really stuttering, like really low frames per second (fps).  After doing all the things in the email my condition has improved but not enough.  Now, I have fully functioning audio so no problems there.  I have smooth visuals for about 8-10 minutes.  During this initial time period, the performance graph widget is shows less than 13.9 ms the entire time.  Full green across the board.  After this 8-10 minute mark, all hell breaks loose and the performance graph goes orange/red and shows usually 30-40 ms and its completely unplayable until I reset everything.


This is all the information I can think of at the moment.  If anyone needs additional input I will be happy to provide as I love VR and I just want it to run smoothly.  I apologize if a solution has already been posted.  I assure you I tried to find it but I must have failed.


All pictures below here: