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PLEASE HELP!!! New RIFT HDMI Not Connected!!! :(

Level 2

so i just bought this system for $590 and ive been having trouble with connecting my headset, it detects that it is plugged in by usb, but the hdmi is not being detected, i changed usb ports, i reinstalled the oculus app multiple times, updated graphic drivers ,unplugged the chord from the headset and plugged it back in, etc etc... i just uninstalled steam vr incase if that was the issue and i am currently reinstalling the oculus app.... i have a great pc:

amd ryzen 7 1700 eight core

16gb of ddr4

windows 10 (64bit)

gtx 970 4gb

so i doubt that is the issue.... is it possible that i cant have a dual monitor set up?, is it possible that their are separate drivers that need to be installed other than the app and what comes along with it? is it possible that anything else can be wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated..... thank you i just want to play skyrim vr lmao.


Level 2
Ive been going through all the same things and have done everything. Honestly from my research its seems to be a lot of people with 970's have this problem. I would contact them and send in a support ticket thats honestly your best bet it could be the actual headset cord.

Level 9
How many HDMI ports have you got? My first bet would be that you didn't plug the headset in the GTX. If you have other HDMI ports, try them. Otherwise, first make sure that this HDMI port is indeed the one for your dedicated GPU.
Another solution would be to use a DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter, and plug the headset in the adapter which will be plugged in the DP-port of your GPU (I'm assuming it's got one ^^).

If that doesn't work... well I don't know, sorry ^^'.
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