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PLS help: game not available in PC OCULUS app

Level 2


I have just bought game Jurassic World Aftermath and I can see it in my ordres ( But I don't see it in the PC OCULUS app.

I do not have any OCULUS headset now (I had Rift S two years ago), but I have REVERB G2. I can happily play my old RIFT S games via OCULUS Revive but this is the first time I bought new game from OCULUS. Why I do not see this in my library?

I bought it here:

This game is for Quest- is this the problem? I thought there is only one OCLUS app where I can see all games for any OCULUS headset....

P.S. I use only my OCULUS account (I do not have Facebook account)

THX for help


Level 10

That could be because you bought a game that's on the Quest/Quest 2, a stand-alone VR headset, but not Rift, which is a PCVR headset. You didn't buy a PCVR game.


EDIT: The Quest store and Rift store are not the same. There are titles that are in both, and some feature cross-buy. That means that you buy the game once, and it's available both for PCVR and on the Quest. Other games don't have cross-buy even though it's in both stores. And still other games are exclusive to PCVR or exclusive to the Quest store.


That's one advantage of owning a Quest or Quest 2. You get access to both the quest store and Rift store, in addition to Steam VR. Meanwhile the Rift S only has access to Steam VR and the Rift store. A situation shared by anyone using ReVive to play Rift exclusives.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

THX very much for the answer. Well, that is quite a mess with the Oculus store... I thought that Quest headsets can be plugged into PC so that its games should be available for PC too.

What should I do now? My game is not available for Rift S apparently and I don't have Quest. Is it possible to ask for a refund? Or better is there any way how can I see this Quest game in my PC Oculus App to be able play it via OCULUS revive?

Level 10

I'd try for a refund. Quest exclusives are only in the Quest store, and can't be played as PCVR games. They are stand-alone only. And you were right, a Quest can be plugged into your PC to act as a PCVR headset. Now it can also be a wireless PCVR headset out of the box, provided you have a good enough computer and router. Speaking of which, I'll probably be playing some Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners later today. I only have that via the Viveport store due to getting it for free last year.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.