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Pairing oculus to multiple accounts

Level 2

So I have my Oculus paired to my dad’s account which is the admin and I made my own account and it won’t let me pair that account with my phone. So, most social apps I can’t use because it says it failed to authenticate my account. Whenever I try to pair it with my account it just loads forever even though I have the code.


Level 2

I have a similar issue. I just got a Quest2 for my son for Christmas and my wife set up the device with her FB as the admin, was able to pair with her phone easy. I added my FB account as an additional and tried pairing...nothing. I have BT on, its all the same wifi net, I've even used the 5 digit code when asked. No joy. Would really like to see a solution for this.

I just chatted with support about the same thing. They said it is not possible at this time to do either. Only admins can cast and there can only be one admin paired to the device. We have to voice our feedback in the forums to add these features or get them changed. 

Level 3

Agreed! I also chatted with support and they confirmed only the Admin account will cast. Silly! It would be nice to have family members be able to have separate accounts and still cast from the additional account so we can watch and be engaged as well!

Level 3

I also miss this feature : The main owner is not always there when Oculus is used