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Parental control on oculus two where is it

Level 2

I have an oculus 2 , Are used to watch R movies without a problem , now my oculus two in the movie section says my movies are locked why ?


Oculus Support
Oculus Support

Hey @ckgangl are you using Prime VR or a similar app? You will need to use the website or phone app to manage those parental controls. 

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I’ve tried using the phone web site for website and have gotten no where with it , where’s the settings located at on my iPhone in oculus 2 settings for the parental control ???

Parental controls do not exist unless the device has previously been connected to a supervisory account

"Parents or guardians have to be invited by a teen to connect to their account. Once you've accepted their invite to begin supporting their account, your teen will have to request access if they want access to apps they’re not old enough to use."

You can read more about how to access and alter parental controls here: 

If you did not authorize parental control features, then your restrictions lie elsewhere.


Have you tried turning it off and on again?