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Party chat not working in game

Level 2
Just got the quest 2 and want to play with a friend. We join party chat and we can both hear each other. When in game menus we can still chat but as soon as we launch into a game session my mic won't work. I can hear him but he can't hear me. Tried this over 3 games and same issue. Soon as I go home he can hear me again. Checked all settings and mic is active and enabled 

Level 2
Having the same issue, pretty ridiculous that Oculus party chat doesn’t persist when a game is started. That should absolutely be how it works.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
@Harribro95 Hi, If you haven't already please create a support ticket with us here, as we would like to assist you with your issue. - Clint

Level 2
@Harribro95 whenever they give you your answer can you pass it on to this chat? A lot of people have had this problem and it'll save them the trouble

Level 2
@Harribro95 Yes that would be great I need it too

Level 2
Yep have the exact same issue with my quest 2. Party works start game i can here players but my mic is cut out

Level 2
This is not a bug with your headset, it's a global issue. Games can use either party chat or their own VoIP, vast majority of games use the latter (notable exception EchoVR, dunno about others)

Level 2
I have found that allowing the game to use your microphone disables your mic in Oculus Party chat. Try pressing the Home button and going to Settings. On the left, select the Applications tab and find the app you are using in there. In the permissions, click Microphone and change it to denied. This unfortunately disables in-game voice chat but allows you to talk to your friends in your party without being disconnected. Hope this helps someone

Level 2
Ya please help me and my friend wanted to play onward in a party but it would never let us speak to each other 

Level 3
So the only way to fix this problem is to drop out of the insiders program. I did that and it was completely fine afterwards. I know it really isn't the answer you were looking for but that's all I got for now.