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Party chat not working in game

Level 2
Just got the quest 2 and want to play with a friend. We join party chat and we can both hear each other. When in game menus we can still chat but as soon as we launch into a game session my mic won't work. I can hear him but he can't hear me. Tried this over 3 games and same issue. Soon as I go home he can hear me again. Checked all settings and mic is active and enabled 

Level 2
Please everyone!!! Create detailed support tickets regarding this issue... I just did lol.. Lets get it done and fixed!!!

Level 2

This is not a bug with your headset, it's a global issue. Games can use either party chat or their own VoIP, vast majority of games use the latter (notable exception EchoVR, dunno about others)

Right, this is totally the issue. Just sucks most people don't understand this.. when allowing permission anyways.. then its a shit show gettin back on track lol. Party chat jus needs to work everywhere! Think I just figured out a common theme.... Basically any game also sold on Steam that has built in voice chat? Echo works cuz its only on Oculus stores.. assuming. Beat Saber, I don't believe, offers any type of in game voice chat.. which is why party works there.. assuming.. but I also don't believe BSaber is cross either which helps. Welp jus gonna have to disallow some permissions I guess.. Glad I found the forum.. Im tryin to encourage a Rodel w customer service to take action on this one.. to be the one that made the fix happen lol.... Rodel.. Rodel.. Rodel

Level 2
its a garbage system, let us use discord. then i can also talk to my friends outside of vr and advertise vr for you.

Level 2
I have the quest 1. I used to play games such as Onward or Rec Room and even side loaded games like Pavlov Shack and I was able to talk in a party with friends while people in game could still hear me. Unfortunately we cannot do that anymore due to this persisting issue. For all you new comers to the Quest please bare with this issue until it is fixed so you can have the full VR experience.

Level 2
Have my oculus quest  for 2 days now chat is random on and off can't chat in vr fishing either works for a minute then nothing.

Level 2
Give us Discord on the quest 2! problem solved!

Level 2
So annoying that this is still a thing.  Have to have discord on a second pair of headphones to give people codes to join rooms, then remove them.  I hope they make this work, or give us a working discord....

Level 2

And to this day its still an issue... Crazy! 

Level 2

Complete missed opportunity. Something like this must have been intentional because in a party you can "choose an app for this party" but there are no supported apps. Come on oculus! Zoom / discord/ something please.

Level 3

That kinda depends on the game your playing. For some reason, some games don't allow you to talk or hear other people in your party. I also had that problem when I was trying to talk via Party in "PokerStars VR" but for some stupid reason it doesn't allow it.