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Pathetic support

Level 4
So after having my $500 "toy" right controller die after around an hour of use my attempts to get what we used to call "warranty" work accomplished has been frustrating at best. After submitting a ticket on the 25th and a few posts to the community I was finally able to wait out a chat without being booted. provided butt load of information and at one point felt like I was going to get some resolution.tonight received another email asking for all of the information and pictures I had provided yesterday like none of yesterday had ever happened.  One hand not talking to the other?
Got the whole "Christmas were really busy" but this is just a failure in customer support. 3 days in with zero resolution and leaning toward returning the whole unit of sucking it up and buying another controller due to the pathetic customer support being provided. So sad because I totally love the product and experience and have a "GO" that has always worked great.

Open to your criticism,

Level 4
My bad but my customer support rant is IRG to Quest. Thought I clarify since I didn't specify my post,