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Payment Methods for the Oculus Home Store - using a new card

Level 4
I want to start buying launch titles on the store, but my account currently has the card I used to pre-order my CV1 registered. I want to use another card to buy games but only seem to be able to have a single payment method on my account. Can this be changed?

Basically I'm putting the Rift on credit card and want to buy games on a debit card. I'd rather not switch the payment method from CC to DC before my CV1 ships as that'll result in £529 coming straight out of my bank account this month when shipment is processed. 

Can we be given an option to pay with a method not on file for an individual transaction? ie, when we buy a game, have the choice of using the card on file, or enter on for this ad-hoc transaction - even Paypal?