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Payment method

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I tried adding my credit card but it doesnt let me, i've tried everything in oculus app, my quest 2 and mobile app none of them lets me add my card but then i tried etc, steam. And it let me purchase stuff with the same credit card i tried in oculus.


AGREED!!!! It's outrageous and frustrating!!!

none of my financial institutions have put restrictions. AT ALL!!! The issue is with the Oculus webstore as well as the Oculus App store

And your support Channel is a joke.

I update the support ticket every morning and nothing but an auto reply that its been updated. I can't even update my bio in my profile, it say complete your bio by saying a little something about yourself and it won't take that info either

i know, every thread you click on "go to solution" and it's all the same. I think we are dealing with robo internet so i really don't think we'll get any result but it feels good t unload and see we are not the only ones lol

Level 4

where did you get steam and how does it work?

Level 4

also does steam work for games in the quest 2 headset? I am not interested in quest 2 headset on my PC

I've gamed on steam for years and have the new half life for quest and the walking dead-saints and sinners, I can still play them because they're already bought and paid for

Level 2

I have added two different cards, I also can see dummy authorisations for 0.74pence on my account - this shows that my card is valid still cannot subscribe to Tribe XR as it states change payment method? This is not an error at my bank and nor is it an error with two different plastics? I think there is a disconnect somewhere in the Oculus Store and Tribe Xr?

i am pretty sure it is the Oculus Store since I haven't been able to buy games at all for no possibility of adding credit cards or even Paypal