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I tried adding my credit card but it doesnt let me, i've tried everything in oculus app, my quest 2 and mobile app none of them lets me add my card but then i tried etc, steam. And it let me purchase stuff with the same credit card i tried in oculus.


last night I got on the support chat to ask about the support ticket I had. The question I asked was should I submit a new ticket everyday or update everyday like I've been doing. He said give him a minute to review my ticket then he came back and said he was getting someone to work on it and basically said all the right things where I thought it would be fixed by the time I woke up this did not happen

still can't add any form of payment, so aggravating  

well mine is finally fixed. I got on chat support again yesterday morning and he said they would have a team look into it. I got an email the said their automated system has identified the issue and resolved it. Then is said they made some changes and I should be good and I am

yes mine is finally fixed as well and yes as soon as they got  a team to look into it they admitted the issue was on their end and is resolved. I was able to buy a couple games, obviously not on sale anymore, and i will just wait to buy some more and check the daily deal section. It took two weeks of bitching but I am happy it is fixed.

Level 2

I’m a young oculus player and I don’t have a credit or debt card or pay pal, how am I supposed to play?

you'll just have to have someone gift you games 

i agree with @Rustythefloorman, either have friends gift you games and maybe you can give them the cash from allowances and chores. Just an idea.

Level 4

Best of luck I’ve been dealing with the same issue since Christmas and all I get is the same generic responses that you are getting.

Wait what! Is this your solution? This is completely unacceptable. And I am compelled to return my quest now. I have spent hours trying different cards and trying paypal. Small teams can figure this out let alone the engineering might of fb. Sad.