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Payment problem

Level 2


I have weird problem that I am not sure, what to think about. I have to explain everything for now, so sorry for a long post.


Today I applied for certain company (let's call it Company for now), I gave them my number and email.


Later I ordered Oculus Quest 2 by Oculus official site. It took 1 dollar from me (and gave me back, titled "Oculus *payment).


About an half of hour later I see payment in process in my Revolut for 349 Euro. That's good I think.

But then I see logo and name where was it sent - to Company.


I blocked it for now. Do you have any idea, why it was sent to Company, and not to Oculus?


Level 3

I have no idea, however that seems like the company tried to scam you, have you confronted them about the issue? I also suggest contacting Oculus about that.