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Performance Headroom going crazy and stuttering every 5/6 seconds in any VRapp

Level 2
Hi everyone, I'm so frustrated and unhappy about the purchase of the oculus rift s. Some friends told me to not buy it but I did because it was on a deal on amazon. 

Here are my specs: 
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz   4.00 GHz
16.0 GB Ram
Nvidia GTX 1070

I bought the pc from mediaworld, it's a Prebuild HP Omen and I had the best gaming time until now. Everything else outside VR runs amazing. 

As the title suggest I'm having problem with the entire product, first of all, I keep having USB and DisplayPort connection issues, I must unplug both cables and restart pc everytime I change a game or I pause it. Most of the time it doesn't even work and I have to restart the system again until oculus app start and headset is connected. Very frustrating. 

If finally I get to use it, as soon as I start Home app from Oculus App I have stuttering every 5/6 seconds, hand are moving like in stopmotion and they are not fluid at all, it gets me sick after 3 seconds. 

Using performance monitoring, I see my fps at 80 and still (pc is capable of producing 202.4 fps with an avarage of 101.2 fps. 
Performance headroom is sitting around 4/5% but jumping around like crazy with a range of 70/80%. If I load SteamVR, during loading it sits at 80%, was it starts it goes back to close to 0% with same jumping around range. 

Now, I tried literally everything I could find on the web, any forum, with no solution. 

- Reinstalled Nvidia drivers
- Reinstalled Oculus app (wiped out any file and registry key with RevoUnistaller, before downloading a new installer)
- Reinstalled Steam VR
- Reset BIOS
- Reset Nvidia control panel settings 
- Updated any possible driver I could 
- Disable ASW, 45fps with ASW, 45fps without ASW
- Disabled Adaptive GPU performance scale
- Installed oculus app on another drive, Changed Oculus store folder on 2nd hard drive 
- Checked for and clean dust on GPU fans/entire pc-case.
- Temperatures and Usage are all normal for both GPU/CPU

YOU NAME IT! NOTHING WORKS!! I'm sure i'm missing something I can't recall, I'm not sleeping and trying everything during night, until morning, sleep few hours and try again. I'm getting insane here. 
Last thing to do would be a fresh copy of windows but connection isn't the fastest here, so I would rather do it as last option, considering most probably it won't fix the issue, like I can read from other people's same issues. 

Having the same problem that people had 1 year ago it makes me think there's not going to be any solution so I'm thinking of returning the product to Amazon. 

If that is the case it's pretty sad and unfair that Oculus keeps selling them, and I will purchase from another brand next time.

I don't think the problem here is my pc or my specs, people run games with worse systems than mine, I know it's not the best but what is happening is not acceptable. 

 I would understand if I had issues playing the most recent games that requires powerful machines, but I have issues with the oculus app!!! Old games like Richies plank, five nights at Freddy's and so on... literally anything I start with VR, even lowering at lowest setting on games/nvidia control panel. 

Please help me if you can, or I will see my self with no other choice than return the product. 

Thanks in advance, Happy new Year to everyone!!