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Phone number for Oculus support

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Does anyone have a phone number for Oculus support? I am at the end of my tether now waiting for emails that seem to never come. I just want to speak to someone! 
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mr2daj said:

@cybereality How long do i have to wait? It is now 11 days. You said i could pm you and you would try to help but i have had no response from that either. 

I just dont know what to do anymore.... 

I have literally been trying to get my Rift S that i bought my fiance for christmas since 2019....and it still isnt working. I really hope you have gotten your device fixed. The lack of support for their consumers and users is very disappointing. You spend over $400 for this device and when it doesnt work, the company refuses to help fix it. 

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Oculus is the worst company ever.  My oculus wouldn’t pair… glitch it used to be paired.  You insisted I do a factory reset, I didn’t want to I knew I’d lose all of my game progress I talked to the game developers there was no way for me to back up so after a few weeks I bought the bullet and overwrote everything.

Then I went to re-download my library and now there’s nothing in the library on my app WTF….What kind of business are you running here?  There’s no humans, no phone number.  I’ve invested 20 hours over the past month trying to reach you; if this is how your going to treat me watch me blast you on social media and to everyone I now. Nobody should waste their money on this.

I wish I never bought the system, what a waste of $600.

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I have a quest which wont load says loading error please log in via facebook which then after goes back to the same message I've tried contacting oculus . They say take a video of the screen which is impossible to do . I've done this twice and they say can't see the video . I keep then getting told the same message please send me a video . I'm going to now request a refund from my bank and let them deal with it. 

Level 2
Im not taking mine back instead if i get no response soon i will be contacting my lawyer.
"Thank you"

If long response times aren't abnormal, why hasnt Oculus recruited more people or recruited people faster for what is clearly a long running problem. 

It appears that on going terrible service is acceptable in Oculus's eyes.  What a terrible message to be giving out if you want people to buy your product.  If this is the case we as a community of people should start spreading the word here and across all the other communities we use. 

I have 2 broken devices.  The first was posted back to them and they received it at the beginning of March.  After going through the process of getting them to recognise that they received it they scheduled a replacement to be produced for April 7th.  Getting that info from them has been extremely difficult.  The other device is sitting here waiting for them to generate a mailing envelope (its been 2 weeks).  


I have asked them for the UK address for receiving correspondance (twice).  They still haven't provided it, but have assured me that it was directed to the correct team (would not tell me who).  I suspect it's probably Facebook in London, but I'd prefer they acknowledged it.


I don't know if they are intentionally bad at this, but it doesn't really matter.  They are horrible.  Their support system is designed to frustrate and then ignore their customer.  

Good luck finding an address.

@puppet63  the games you were looking at like project cars and dirt rally and many others are all pcvr games for the rift. you need to make sure your looking on the app store for the quest

Guys, just get into the discord, there are a lot people willing to help... not wanna advertise, but I feel your pain, was lost with my issue for days, after I started to investigate and troubleshoot...