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Please give us the option to remove Apps from the Library

Level 2

I've noticed that going on Four Years now, Oculus users have been requesting the ability to remove apps from their Library - not just Uninstall them.  There are many legitimate reasons a user may want to remove an App from the Library permanently, and it is somewhat puzzling that after so many years (and countless requests) this option has not been given to the users.  At the very least, we should be able to do this task from the website as to avoid accidently doing so inside the device.



Level 3

It's infuriating. The VR is so good on the headset bur the user interface and experience is totally garbage. You can't remove apps from your library,  you can't set your own time zone, the standalone headset is forced to be linked to a phone and will break if that connection doesn't work.


All these things have years of complaints but because Facebook wants to control everything we're told to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.


Great device garbage company

Level 3

was able to eventually convince their support staff to remove an app from my account. I did have to be really pushy about it, but eventually it got done. I had to restart my device as part of the process, which caused it to go through something that looked like a firmware update, but after that, the icon was gone.


Obviously not the solution we want, but at least we know it’s possible. And if you really need the icon removed, just contact support and keep insisting that it must be removed.