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Pokerstars is not loading

Level 2

There has been this new update that made Pokerstars act dumb. I had let it update for an hour or two, and it was only at 10%. So I decided to uninstall some games I didn't play to maybe see if it would go faster. But if I wanted to do that I would I have to stop the update. So I did. And all the games I selected deleted. But now Pokerstars won't even give me the button to update it again. And when I go to load into the game it would act like it would let me, but keep me on a black screen. I have already restarted my Oculus. What do I do?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Boswell07! We know how important it is for apps to load correctly, so we'd love to help out! Glad to hear you're a couple steps ahead of us as well. 


There are a couple more things you can test out right below:


  • Uninstall and reinstall Pokerstars
  • Forget the wifi and reconnect.
  • Try a hard reboot by holding the power button for roughly 40 seconds.


If that doesn't seem to help, feel free to reach back out for further possibilities! 

Level 2

I am having the same issue.  I updated the game with the 2.44gb update and now it just gives me a black screen when I open app.   

I have tried all of that and still have the same issue.      And when I uninstall a game shouldn't I have to re-download it.  How come it,acts like I can still play it even after I uninstall it. 

Thank you for that confirmation, @pokeher_face!


If the previous steps didn't seem to help, and this was right after the update, we suggest reaching out to the developers of the app as they could have this as part of a known issue.