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Possible headset tracking issue?

Level 3

Received my touch controllers yesterday and although the controllers are working and tracking perfectly I have now noticed I have a weird issue with my headset.  I suspect its been there since I had it but have only just noticed it when using touch.

Its awkward to explain but when I rotate my head from left to right objects that are close up appear to move away from me ever so slightly as I move to the centre point then once I carry on turning to the right they move back again.  Its only a slight movement, in virtual terms it 'feels' like it moves a couple of centimetres.  Its like a smooth consistent wobble and is constant when I rotate my head on the Z axis.

I noticed it in the Oculus first contact app (but it is also present in others).  When I look down at the table and turn my head from left to right the table moves slightly forward and back.

Has anyone else noticed this or heard of this before?  Just thought I would check before placing a ticket with support.



Level 3
yes mine does this in Toy box and the first contact. im not sure what the issue is I started a new support above because I was searching for Scene Shift I think it is the term people use for this type of issue. the desk in both apps moves what I would consider quite a bit but I guess it really is not just the desk in both apps but the hole scene