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Prime Video VR app not playing videos on Quest 2

Level 3
I have just received my Quest 2 and have have been setting up the apps I have on the original Quest. Although I loaded the Prime Video VR  app and signed in, videos will not play. I receive the following message:

"Error loading information
We encountered an error loading the page. If the problem continues, sign out the Prime Video VR app, restart your device, and then sign in again.
ERROR: 4107"

I've followed the instructions, but it hasn't solved the issue, also the app still works fine on the Quest.

Could anyone please help?


Level 3
Exact same issue here

Level 3
I spoke with amazon customer services... they told me to try a few things and nothing worked except deleting the entire app and reinstalling it. I still get the error but if you hit retry 3/4 times it eventually will play the video. Give that a try. I've told them the error is VERY annoying and it needs to be looked at.

Level 3
They've passed it on to the tech dept that deals with the app and I've given them a link to this forum so they can see its not an isolated issue.

Level 16
The Amazon Prime Video app works great on all my Oculus mobile devices (Go, Q1, and Q2).  I watched a movie last night with my Q2 and it worked and looked fantastic.  It was a 2 hour movie and I never had the Q2 go to sleep like some have reported.  Maybe because I was moving my head once in a while for popcorn and my drink, lol!

Prime Video is regional so if you are having problems it's best to contact your local Amazon Prime Support for help.  Also remember that you need to register each device.  This was kind of a pita for me because it gives you a code to enter and I needed to write this down and then enter it.  Also, I believe there is a limit as to how many devices you can register and this may vary from region to region as well.  If you run out of devices you can just deregister one you may not be using much.

In any case, I hope you manage to get it working on your Q2's.  The Q2 has gotta be the best mobile movie viewer out there now imho.
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