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Privacy options (showing as online / offline)

Level 4
I don't always want my Oculus friends to know when I'm online.  Someones I want to be visible, sometimes I don't.

In most IM programs, for example, there's an "appear away" type of option (or even just "away"). I don't see anything like that in Oculus, is there a way to appear offline?

I don't want to block my friends obviously.


Level 16
Why do you want to appear offline? Just tell them your busy playing something or watching something, if it's a case of not wanting to be disturbed..

Level 4
That's not really the point.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
In the Oculus desktop app click on your name. A side panel will slide out from the right. Click on the little triple dots on the top right and you will see an option for either Appear Online or Appear Offline.

Also, there's a little circle on the bottom left of your avatar image. Red means you look offline, green means online.

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Hi, it's three years later and I find myself with the same issue. It appears the solution in this post no longer exists. Is it possible to play oculus quest 2 without alerting all your friends that you signed on? I really dig the oculus, but the lack of this particular feature is creepy, and makes me want to leave the platform.