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Problem with link - "fisheye" in games after playing for a while... Quest2 (v26) + Original Link

Level 2

Problem repeate in Oculus Home v25 and v26.1 beta. Testing any games with engine unity or unrial ... HMD firmware v26. I try use OVR Metrics Tool 1.5.3 and after effect "fisheye" FPS downing to 36 or 72...If turn on casting then "fisheye" disabled. If turn off cast then "fisheye" enableding... Resetting HMD twice with data erasure, but trouble not going... ((( AMD driver is normal, oculus software not.. This problem was have in Oculus Home v23 + Rift S... Now again... Oculus Support Ticket 2408464 using a boilerplate answer.


i7-8700, 64ram, RX6800XT, SSD NVMe, clean fresh Windows 10