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Problem with payment

Level 2


For last 3 days I’m trying to pay for my oculus quest 2. Every time payment is rejected. Doesn’t matter if I paid via credit card or paypal. Support in both banks told me that if order is for more than 250€ shop have to use „3D Secure” authorization. Oculus doesn’t provide it.

Do you know any method I can pay for it? Bank support suggested to split that payment but there is no option like that.


Level 2

The "3D Secure" authorization is coming from your credit card bank. I am using Mastercard and they implented this a few years ago. But I only used it 2-3 times in all that time cause most of my payments with credit card weren't very high.

Now I don't use "3D Secure" anymore because sind Sept. 14th 2020 there are new laws in place in europe that changed how banks have to verify such payments. Now an app on my phone from my local bank (that handles my Mastercard) is requesting to verify every payment. 


Oculus only sent a request for the payment to the bank or whatever you selected. Your bank has to approve the payment and either approve it right away or need to contact you. In your case via 3D Secure. I guess you setup PayPal to get the money from your credit card hence both times you have to approve it through 3D Secure.


You have to go to your credit card bank. Check their website for it. It might have a different name (like "Mastercard Identy Check" or "Visa Secure") cause 3D Secure is an international standard. You have to either register for it or if already done in the past sort it out to reenable it.