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Problems installing Oculus

Level 2

Good day!


I wanted to use my rift again after moving my PC to a another room and i had to update before i could reconfigure my rift again, that dint work so i removed the whole software and wanted to reinstall the driver. Now i only get a "restart computer" popup after installing the driver. I'm trying to get it to work for almost 2 hours now.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, we would love to help you get back in the VR world.


Just so we provide you with the correct troubleshooting steps, would you please clarify your exact matter?


  • Are you looking to repair your Oculus software as it is failing to load?

If so, you may not have enough available disk space on your PC computer. You'll want to make sure that you have at least 9GB of available disk space.


To do so:


  • Move your large files to an external or alternate hard drive.

  • Delete any large files you don’t want anymore (example: music, videos).

  • Uninstall any programs or content you don’t use anymore.

  • Search for Disk Cleanup in your Windows search and then run it to free up space.

Please reach back out here if your software not loading was the issue or perhaps your matter may not be the software, then please submit a support ticket with us and be sure to include the logs so we can provide you with the correct assistance.

Level 3

why do you offer this useless steps. Why not ask users to post their installation log. It is like doctor having a patient with a chest pain and instead of looking at X-Ray it send him clean his apartment. 🤦 

Thanks for your reply


I have 450+ GB free space on my SSD so that wont be the problem, i cant figrue out what the problem is because the only message i get is "restart computer"


I have tried deleting everything oculus related from my PC (even in safe mode) and reinstalling it but that wont change a thing. Pretty annoying that this happend after i was forced to update in order to use my VR set.