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Promotion code and purchase confirmation on PC doesn't work for me

Level 2
Hey everyone!

I'm a very recent user, so please bear with me if it's an easy fix that I somehow just missed, but it got me quite irritated, so please help me out!
So I was trying to use the promotion code Oculus sent me in a notification and found a couple of problems in doing so...
Since I got the notification on my phone that's where I tried using it first - the purchase went as usual, the only difference is I put the code in, applied it and the app showed me the discounted price. But then when I finished the purchase I was quoted the original amount with my card (MasterCard payment if that matters) so I tried a few times but got the original amount all the same.

Since that didn't work I tried it on my PC in the browser. Here I had to give the Oculus PIN before pressing the purchase, so I got a bit hopeful, but it couldn't load - saying it's not enabled by the owner of the website, even though it worked before and still works on my phone no problem. (Could still log in through web-banking just fine as well)

Since this did not work I tried contacting Oculus support, but the link they provide doesn't exist at all - instant "page not found" instead.

So here I am either unable to purchase at all on PC or just unable to use the promotion code they gave out and just no idea where else to look at this point... 
Any ideas where to go from here? Any answer would be much appreciated!

Level 3
This same thing happened to me too. The only why I managed to buy a new game was switching the payment method to PayPal. Give it a try if you can.