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Purchase Not installing but money taken

Level 3

Just purchased Sniper Elite from the headset app store, after pin code entry nothing happen. When I go to the game in the store the purchase button is a loading wheel. I have received a receipt but have no game. 

On the Phone app the game is purchased.


Level 5

Unfortunately having the exact same issues as you guys today. Already went through months of getting a previous issue resolved and now this ! I can't install anything but a brief google search shows it might be server outages . Let's all pray that it is something that simple !

Level 2

The same thing is happening to me. I just bought Eleven table tennis on my phone and it’s not showing up in my library.

server outage would make sense if enough people were buying it

Level 2

Same issue. Spinning icon but nothing downloading. Couldn't even play my game as it threw me an indirect version error. Which I know was the latest version. Definitely related. Also, tons of user reports of server issues world wide. Just gotta wait I suppose

Level 3

I have had the same issue just now. I'll let you know if I find a solution.

Level 2

Same exact problem but my friend paid for it but it downloaded for him but its stuck on loading wheel for me so it's weird

Level 3

So from what I'm seeing its not just people that bought Sniper Elite, but any game, meaning its a server issue most likely. Just gotta sit it out i guess

yeah basically confirmed to be server connection issues

Level 3

I tried to get zero caliber and it won't download either. My friend was having issues with partying and all of his games got uninstalled and none of them will reinstall either. 

Level 3

ok good to know, will try again later then