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Purchase Not installing but money taken

Level 3

Just purchased Sniper Elite from the headset app store, after pin code entry nothing happen. When I go to the game in the store the purchase button is a loading wheel. I have received a receipt but have no game. 

On the Phone app the game is purchased.


Level 3

Same here beyond annoyed was excited to play sniper elite VR. I’m glad it’s a system wide issue and not a me issue. But still very obnoxious I reset my headset and the app changed from your quest 2 is offline to play later. But it’s still not showing up on the quest2 headset and the store page shows the loading wheel.

Level 2

same issue 

Level 2

Just bought super hot. Same exact thing money was taken but all I get is the loading wheel I tried downloading from my phone. But it says it's not connecting to internet but it is idk what to do. I've restarted the headset and the router. Some one help please!!

Level 2

Same issue, just different game…

Please glance over previous replies within the thread next time. We are all experiencing this at the moment and we are keeping our fingers crosses it's server related as their are many reports of such. Let's hope they get it fixed asap and it solves our issues. Don't do any factory resets or anything till all these recent threads update.   This is a MAJOR issue and many people are tracking this problem

Level 2

Same here but with Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic.

Level 5



has the issue been resolved yet? im wondering because im trying to purchase a game for myself


Level 2

My game installed now. Hopefully it will start working for you guys as well soon.

Level 2

It works for me now :))