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QUESTION: Please help, anti aliasing will not turn off

Level 2

Hello, I am a user of the OC2 of a year and I have only recently been having issues. I had the quest 2 since December of 2020 and have been in love with it ever since I have gotten it, so much in fact I even decided to get a PC the following June of the year of 2021, as well as an anchor link cable (3,0) of which co-operated absolutely astonishingly with my VR device. However, only recently I have been experiencing issues with my device, especially with performance. Now, my PC is definitely not top tier, and I can say that with full confidence, however it is capable of handing VR, as it has been doing that for almost exactly a year now. My main issues has started around 2 months ago, where frames would constantly jitter and freeze, especially in games like VR Chat, of which I was incredibly disappointed, of which then I began to play around with my settings in the current game I was in. I then realized that anti-aliasing was enabled and had tried to turn it off, but to my surprise, it would not disable!!! I was very concerned, therefore I have looked on many reddit threads and a few YouTube videos of which just clamed to be some form of bug or glitch. If anybody knows a fix to this issue, I would be incredibly enlightened to find out!! Thanks for reading!