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Quest 1 no active on my account?

Level 2

So I turned on my quest for the fist time in several months.  When i did this my home page said "something went wrong please try again".  The games that needed updates would not update and new games i bought would not show up.  Also the store page said it was not connected to the internet.  But the youtube app worked proving it was connected to the internet.


I saw some older thread about having to log into Facebook through the Oculus app to a fix the home screen issue.  so i did that.  but it did not fix anything


Then i see that after login into the oculus web site under devise it says i have not devise retested.  So i tried to pair new headset in the app to see it it would re-register it but it would not fine the head site.   I assume because it was already paired.  So i used a different phone installing the app for the fist time and try to pair it there.  it went through the process but did not fix the problem.


Level 9

Did you try a factory reset? Yes, you'd have to reinstall everything. But it should fix any pairing issues, I'd think.

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